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Painting on glass is a remarkable art form. The beauty of these paintings leaves one dazzled as both the medium and the painting combine to give an ethereal effect. Glass painting is one of the most democratic of the visual arts, bridging the gap between folk and fine art.
Today Discovery of synthetic colors specially meant for glass painting, has ensured that this art form gained as much popularity as it can. Today almost every other household can afford to have a stained glass window or a door, because of the user-friendly nature of this art form.

The medium of glass provides the painter with something that no other medium can - The light effect. For centuries Gothic churches and other sacred institutions have inspired us by their remarkable use of glass paintings. Even today it is as popular as it was ever.
Glass painting allows an expressive mix of form and dimension to be added to glass.


A brief History of Glass Painting

It will be difficult to give a precise date of origin of Glass paintings but History says that it became quite a rage in Italy during the Renaissance. They were in the miniature style and were found in altars of churches. The themes were scenes from the Bible.

In Austria this Art Form gained more sophistication and slowly it was spread all over Europe, it didn't take much longer for it to reach Asia either.
Glass painting art  in India is a comparatively recent phenomenon; it emerged in the state of Gujarat at around 18th century.

Indian Glass paintings are characterized by their bright colors and ornamental nature. Sometimes they are embellished with gold leaves and semi precious stones. The themes are mostly like, women in traditional clothes, mythological figures, Radha-Krishna leelas, now a days modern art paintings like free hand drawing, sceneries etc are also drawn in glass paintings.

This art form is affordable, beautiful and approachable. No wonder that it has become a favorite in most of the households.







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